Careers without Constraints

Are you grinding in your career but unsure how to advance? Have you picked up some new skills but keep being told to do things like everyone else? Maybe you feel out of place when you see another strategist killin' it every single day? Or maybe sometimes you question whether you even are a 'strategist.'

We feel you. We got you. Which is why we're hosting this workshop just for you, in partnership with our friends at STRTGST.

Nick Susi, Director of Strategy at Complex and Vic Pineiro, SVP of Content and Social Media at Big Spaceship, will co-host a workshop in which they'll reveal how they navigated their careers outside of neat boxes and instead fully embraced their multidisciplinary skills (even when they were told not to).

Starting with an open discussion on their respective career paths, the night will unfold with exercises to help you find clarity in your strengths and push them in the right direction.

Tickets here.

Curiosity Inspired the Kat

Come and join us on Wednesday, June 20th for an evening of creativity and curious conversation hosted by TNWP member Meredith Pilcher, founder of hand-painted apparel company Katsicats.

There'll be drinks and bites, live music from local singer-songwriters AJ Smith and Maris, and artist Brian Tan will be leading a live collaborative canvas painting. The painting will be for sale at the end of the event.

Click here for more information and to RSVP.

Founded in 2016 as a hand-painted apparel company, Katsicats quickly realized the marketing power of linking a product to the identity of the people within the community by utilizing the vision of a local artist. Their mission is to work with consumer-based product companies to develop creative campaigns that incorporate hand-painted designs or limited prints on their products.

Monica: This Play is Not About Monica Lewinsky

Come join us on Thursday, June 6th as we partner with Via Brooklyn for an evening of drinks, bites, play excerpts, a keynote speaker and more, in support of their upcoming play "Monica: This Play is Not About Monica Lewinsky", which premieres at 59E59 and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Sex. Scandal. Secrets. Monica traverses infamy and intimacy as she reclaims a life beyond the media's watchful eye.

Through a series of scenes between Monica and different imagined lovers, the play asks what is the cost of intimacy and how do we reckon with our past selves. Rather than focus on the scandal that brought her worldwide notoriety, the play allows us a chance to ponder, personally and nationally, just when it all went wrong.

Click here for more information and to RSVP.

A Conversation on Financial Wellness

Looking for guidance to get your finances in check? Come join us on Wednesday, May 22nd as we partner with The Creative Collective and Bank of America to present Better Money Habits: A Conversation on Financial Wellness.

We'll sit down with experts from Bank of America to identify our personal goals and learn about the habits we can put in place to reach them.

Featured Speakers:
Chike Ohayia serves as a strategic advisor to Bank of America clients in the Healthcare, Education, and Not-For-Profit sectors.
Al Smith is a financial advisor in Merrill Lynch's wealth management division.

Bites provided by The Meatball Shop.

More info and tickets here.

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