Design Collaboration - J.M.Szymanski

In creating The New Work Project, we have sought to champion local Brooklyn creativity and craftsmanship wherever possible. Our custom breakout tables and coffee tables are the result of a design collaboration with J.M.Szymanski and we're delighted to showcase that here.

Speaking of the collaboration, JM comments: "the design of my tables for The New Work Project represents an abstract illustration of two forces repelling each other. Much of my work is inspired by the image of two repelling magnets and the empty tension that lies between the two masses. A small absence of space within this simple structure creates a dynamic and exciting design, and I'm delighted to showcase this at The New Work Project."

Design Collaboration - Eskayel

In designing our space, we have sought to champion local creativity and craftsmanship by collaborating with other Brooklyn based architects, designers, artists and custom furniture makers.

One such collaboration is with local textile design firm Eskayel, who have designed a series of custom murals for our conference rooms.

“Our watercolor murals for The New Work Project draw inspiration from the textures of weathered buildings, and feature black and white abstract patterns reflective of a modern sensibility”, explains Eskayel Creative Director Shanan Campanaro. “Grey curves contrast with imperfect lines, while shadowy brushstrokes punctuate the canvas, resulting in a fluidity that mirrors the peeling exteriors of building surfaces in remote towns of Morocco, Croatia and Italy.”

Founded in 2008 by Central St Martins graduate Shanan Campanaro, Eskayel is a Brooklyn based design firm producing eco-friendly textiles, wall coverings, furniture and decorative accessories, with a feel that is strongly inspired by nature and travel.

Member Spotlight - Paul Tuller

Many of you have asked about our beautiful interior concept sketches. These were done by local illustrator and new member, Paul Tuller. Paul is a Lounge member of The New Work Project and we're pleased to profile him.

Paul is a freelance illustrator specializing in editorial, portraiture and fashion work. Since moving to Brooklyn from California 7 years ago, he has worked on high profile campaigns for HBO, Marvel and National Car Rental, and regularly contributes to The Wall Street Journal, Billboard and GQ.

Paul’s personal projects include Architecture as Crown, a series of illustrations depicting famous architects wearing their iconic buildings as crowns. He has also just designed a t-shirt featuring the slogan ‘We Exist’, to raise money for the Russian LGBTQ network.

A Private Workspace for the Creative Industries

The New Work Project is a private members workspace for individuals and businesses in the creative industries, opening July 1st in the former Vice Media building in Williamsburg.

We are a design-led, service-oriented workspace that sits at the crossroads of hospitality and coworking, and features interiors by The New Design Project.

The space has been designed to inspire and stimulate, promote creativity and facilitate fluid working.

Members can work from lounge areas, assigned gallery desks or private studios, and have access to high work stations, break out areas and conference rooms.

The interior design pairs iconic pieces with custom furniture, and showcases our collaboration with local Brooklyn designers such as J.M. Szymanski and Eskayel

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