A Conversation on Financial Wellness

Looking for guidance to get your finances in check? Come join us on Wednesday, May 22nd as we partner with The Creative Collective and Bank of America to present Better Money Habits: A Conversation on Financial Wellness.

We'll sit down with experts from Bank of America to identify our personal goals and learn about the habits we can put in place to reach them.

Featured Speakers:
Chike Ohayia serves as a strategic advisor to Bank of America clients in the Healthcare, Education, and Not-For-Profit sectors.
Al Smith is a financial advisor in Merrill Lynch's wealth management division.

Bites provided by The Meatball Shop.

More info and tickets here.

An Evening with Alex Wolf

Why do so many millennials cringe when they have to say how old they are? Why are they in such disbelief of something as personal as their own age? Is it because time is moving faster? Is technology playing a role?

Come and join us on Thursday, May 9th for a thought-provoking presentation by award-winning entrepreneur and digital anthropologist Alex Wolf. Alex will share her theories on the feelings many millennials identify with when it comes to aging in our increasingly technological world.

Arrive at 7 pm sharp to grab a seat and refreshments. There'll be opportunities for discussion via mini-breakout sessions between presentations and a Q&A with Alex to conclude the evening.

Please email: hello@thenewworkproject.com to register.

Banishing Burnout

Less than halfway through the year and already feeling undone?

Come join us on April 23rd as we partner with Six Degrees Society and My Wellbeing to host a workshop on how to banish burnout and become 'stress smart', with clinical psychologist Dr Kristina Hallett.

We'll tackle common issues in professional development – dealing with stress, multiple roles and responsibilities, and not enough time or energy for self-care. The workshop includes specific, practical, easy-to-implement exercises and practices, integrating evidence-based psychological principles with an understanding of the newest findings in neuroscience and mind-body medicine.

More info and tickets here.

Finding Your Creative Voice

Come join us next Thursday April 18th as we partner with Ladies, Wine & Design to host an evening designed to help you find your creative voice.

Hear from NYC based illustrators Marly Gallardo, Dana Tanamachi and Amber Vittoria. These creative professionals have all made an impact with their work.

Come and learn how they honed their unique styles to put their voices out in to the world. We'll hear how their creative point of view has driven them to start their own studios, build up a client base, and share brand stories.

There'll be inspiring conversations, and of course, wine.

Free for TNWP members. Non-Members can purchase tickets here.

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