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The New Work Project is a founding member of Global Collective, a select alliance of international workspace operators, who share common values and a passion for thoughtful design, upscale amenities and curated programming.

Members have reciprocal access to other premium workspaces around the world, including Blender in Manhattan, Canopy in San Francisco, East Room in Toronto, Fora in London, Bureau in Paris, Fosbury & Sons in Brussels and Publico in Mexico City.

Speak with Impact

Does presentation panic keep you awake at night?

If so, come and join us tomorrow night as we partner with Six Degrees Society to bring you a playful and interactive workshop with public speaking coach Madeline Schwarz, that will help you feel more prepared, present and purposeful for your next presentation.

Madeline will help you identify your speaking personality and leverage your existing strengths; teach you 3 strategies for overcoming nerves, engaging with your audience and being intentional with your message; and give you three techniques to take away to help you make the most of your practice time.

Before the start of the program, you'll get 2 curated 15 minute connections handpicked just for you based on bios submitted before the event.

Align Your Passions with Your Purpose

Come join us on August 2nd for a masterclass on how to 'Align Your Passions with Your Purpose', by motivational speaker and coach TJ Loeffler. Part of the NYC Coworking Network Speaker Series.

TJ Loeffler will present a series of techniques to help you better define who you are and how best to use your passions to fuel your purpose in life. At the end of it all, you'll leave with a clearer understanding of your own gifts and talents, and with it, a strategy for helping you make more informed decisions to achieve maximum impact in the world.

The Business of Influence

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be an influencer? I mean all the FREE stuff! But at what point do you talk money rather than product? Come join us on Wednesday July 18th as we host The Business of Influence in partnership with Six Degrees Society.

Flower crown aficionado Christy Doramus will be moderating a panel featuring Katie Sands and Molly Rieger:

Katie Sands is an entrepreneur, on-air style expert, Huffington Post contributor and founder of Honestly Kate, an online showcase of the latest trends in fashion, places and products.

Molly Rieger is a registered dietitian and expert on weight loss, weight maintenance, gastrointestinal diseases, and overall healthy eating. She works as a nutrition consultant for brands in the food, wellness and beauty space.

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