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Member Spotlight | The Gathery

Nicky Balestrieri and Luigi Tadini have been creative partners most of their careers. After starting out on different paths within New York’s vibrant culture and media scene (Balestrieri as a nightlife promoter and event designer, and Tadini as a fashion model, writer and style consultant), they met while working together at Paper Magazine but really only got to know each other during shared Summers in Provincetown.

Several Provincetown Summers later in 2015, and keen to leverage their creative complementarity, they finally decided to take the plunge and start a company together, but what should they call it? They wanted something that played homage to their community of friends and collaborators and was reflective of the inclusive way in which they planned to run their new company. They decided on the name The Gathery, meaning a home to gatherers. Fast-forward just 2 years and The Gathery is already an 8-person creative team, undertaking large-scale campaigns for high profile clients such as Creative Time, Lanvin, W Hotels, Remy Martin, Swarovski and Phillip Lim. In experiential marketing circles, The Gathery is known for it's forward thinking design and razor sharp event production.

Like any truly great partnership, Balestrieri and Tadini each bring something very different to the table, but spend time with them together and their creative affinity is immediately obvious. In simple terms, Tadini writes the stories and Balestrieri brings them to life.

Tadini, Balestrieri and their fellow gatherers are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity. As for the future, they hope to evolve their brand in to one that creates more permanent, longer lasting design work for social spaces and even break into high-end fashion show sets, an initiative they ambitiously refer to as “Gathery 2.0."

Watch this space.

The New Work Project Launch Event

A huge thanks to everyone who came and supported us at our launch event last week. We had a blast and hope you did too.

A particular thanks to our co-hosts Eskayel, who previewed their new Beautiful Decay mural collection for the very first time at the event, and to our drinks sponsors Zirkova for their delicious vodka cocktails.

The New Work Project is available for hire for private events, product launches and photo shoots.

Creative Partnerships | Supercrown

A coffee industry veteran with 15 years experience, Darleen Scherer founded Supercrown in 2015 with a commitment to progressive sourcing, relentless innovation, and of course beautiful coffee.

Supercrown only sources coffee from producers and importers with an attention to excellence, and they roast it in a beautiful sun-filled space back in Bushwick, less than 3 miles from our own space.

At The New Work Project, we’re selective about who we work with, but Supercrown’s values of creativity and collaboration, as well as their focus on impeccable quality and heartfelt service, makes our partnership with them a natural one. The fact that they’re also lucky enough to operate out of a beautiful sun-filled space is purely coincidental!

If you can’t wait a few more weeks to taste Supercrown’s delicious Sol blend at The New Work Project, you can also drop by one of their free cuppings, held every Sunday at 3pm at their café in Bushwick. Go check them out!

Continuing a Tradition of Creativity, Collaboration & Innovation

Williamsburg’s story begins in the 1850’s when a number of large industrial companies started opening mills, foundries and refineries in the blocks surrounding North 10th Street. The completion of the Williamsburg Bridge at the turn of the twentieth century led to Williamsburg rapidly becoming the most densely populated neighborhood in New York City.

From the 1960’s to the 1990’s, the decline of heavy industry led to the closure of many industrial buildings and the arrival of artists attracted by the prospect of low rents, large floor areas and convenient transportation. The Brooklyn creative community was born.

By the new millennium, Williamsburg was widely regarded as Brooklyn’s creative capital, thanks in large part to Vice Media, who moved in to the former Castwell Foundry at 97 N 10th St in 2003. They converted the former foundry in to a hub of desks, offices and editing suites for writers, designers and production staff.

Vice’s global success during this time owes much to the culture of creativity, collaboration and innovation they promoted during their time at 97 N 10th St, a tradition we’re proud to be continuing today at The New Work Project.

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