When Women Win, Everyone Wins

Come and join us on Tuesday March 19th as we partner with our friends at Freelancing Females to bring you a women's masterclass on business negotiations, led by Founder of Ars Poetica, Lisa Ann Markuson.

Women have lower expectations than men when it comes to money. When women are presented with a dollar sign, only 7% negotiate that number compared to 57% of men.

Expectations drive behavior and behavior drives results.

Ars Poetica founder Lisa Ann Markuson will show you techniques to set expectations and behave in a way that will get you better deals, better pay and increased satisfaction with your clients and yourself.

Buy tickets here.

Emmanuel Guillén Lozano & Alea

For this third episode of Bitter Laughter, we'll be talking with Mexican documentary photographer Emmanuel Guillén Lozano, whose work focuses on social issues, human rights and violence. The evening will end with a special live performance by Colombian singer Alea.

Moderating the discussion will be award winning author Keila Vall De La Ville.

Buy tickets here.

Creating a Thriving & Fulfilling Career

Come and join us on Tuesday March 12th as we partner with our friends at Six Degrees Society to host a workshop lead by career coach Celina Lee, designed to help you identify your core values, get clarity on your professional goals and make progress in your career.

True fulfillment in a career is only possible when what we do is aligned with who we are. Too many people are unhappy, feel stuck and don't know what to do next. Why? Because we overthink and underact.

In this workshop, you will learn the 3-step framework that has been proven effective in transforming the careers and lives of many professionals, namely:

1. Gaining Self-Awareness
2. Overcoming Internal Obstacles
3. Taking Action

Before the main workshop, each guest will get 2 curated 15 minute connections handpicked for them based on bios submitted in advance of the event.

Free for TNWP members. Non-members can sign-up here.

Woe Is She

Come and join us on Wednesday March 6th as we host the launch of upcoming web series 'Woe Is She', a dark comedy exploring depression and friendship.

Jenny is jobless, homeless, has been diagnosed with depression, and is trying hard to get better. As Jenny recovers, she stays with her best friend Nicole, a flippant, somewhat superficial but well-meaning bad influence. Can friendship cure depression? No. But what if it's all you've got?

'Woe Is She's' pilot episode was an official selection of Brooklyn Web Fest 2017 and is now gearing-up to hit the global festival circuit.

Come for drinks, canapés, a sneak preview of the first episode and a chance to meet the cast and crew.

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